Domestic violence agencies in Camden

Camden Safety Net

Camden Safety Net provides the Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisory Service in the borough of Camden. They provide independent, free and confidential safety support and advice to those affected by domestic and sexual violence. Services are offered to victims/survivors who live, work or study in the borough of Camden and want safety and support.

Independent Domestic and Sexual Advisors (IDSVAs) are specially trained workers who offer intensive, immediate short to medium term support. They listen to your situation and will discuss with you how they can help. Camden Safety Net will help you put together a plan to keep you and your children safe.

If you are or have experienced domestic or sexual abuse/violence and you would like advice and/or support Camden Safety Net’s IDSVAs will provide you with a confidential, safe and non-judgemental and supportive setting for you to discuss your fears, safety needs and concerns, consider your options and refer you to appropriate services to help you achieve safety.

Camden Safety Net Health based IDSVAs are located in both the Royal Free Hospital and University College London Hospital where they are training the hospital staff and supporting patients who would like support due to domestic violence and abuse.

Community Safety commissions services for male perpetrators from the Men’s Centre which involves attendance at a weekly group to challenge their abusive behaviours and look at alternatives.

All services are free.

Victim Support in Camden (CVS)

Victim Support in Camden (CVS) is part of an independent national charity supporting people who have been affected by crime, either physically or emotionally.  CVS provides emotional support, practical help, and information provision to those affected by crime including domestic violence.

CVS provides a service that is free and confidential. CVS supports victims of domestic violence regardless of whether they have reported the incident to the police or not. CVS accepts self-referrals and referrals from other agencies. CVS can support family and friends of the victim.

CVS can refer victims to the Victim Support’s Witness Service, to ensure that victims of domestic violence have adequate support at court. Victim Support’s Witness Service will arrange a pre-trial visit and support whilst in court. Victim Support has a Witness Service in every Magistrates and Crown Court in the country.

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