Community warden service

Camden has one borough wide community warden team. 


Community wardens patrol the following areas of Camden:

  • Gospel Oak and Haverstock ward
  • Camden Town with Primrose Hill (part)
  • Bloomsbury
  • Holborn and Covent Garden
  • King's Cross
  • St Pancras and Somers Town
  • Part of Regent's Park ward including Euston station and Hampstead Road.

There is also a response team that would cover areas as and when needed.

Request for community wardens

You can make a request for community wardens to visit an area:

Our wardens:

  • provide a reassuring presence
  • improve community safety
  • deter antisocial behaviour
  • foster civic pride
  • improve the street environment

Our duties

  • daily patrols, a visible presence on the street, parks and estates
  • reassure local people and make them feel safe
  • report suspicious behaviour to the police and other enforcement agencies
  • deter antisocial behaviour in public places
  • report problems within the street environment, such as graffiti and abandoned vehicles
  • develop community spirit

Community wardens improve your quality of life

We have been working closely with the community in recent months to set up schemes to benefit local residents, visitors and workers in the area.

We work on a variety of projects with different groups from the community, such as schools, day centres and hostels.

We aim to improve the quality of life of all the community, by linking street environment issues with community safety and looking at ways of reducing antisocial behaviour.

We are here to try and help residents and visitors if you have a problem. If you feel intimidated or upset by the antisocial behaviour of others, if you have a recurring problem such as drug debris on your doorstep or repeated vandalism let us know. We can try and help with the immediate problem and pass information on to the right section of the council or police and look at ways to deal with issues in the long term.

Community warden service

Our community warden service was re-examined following a review of the community safety service. The review recommended we have a borough wide team and a response unit.

The community wardens do a lot more joint patrolling now with other agencies such as housing, the police and safer streets team.

We work seven days a week

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