Fire safety advice

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Fire safety advice

If there were a fire in your building, would you know what to do?

London Fire Brigade wants to make sure that residents know the fire plan for their building.

The procedure to escape safely from a fire in your home depends on what kind of building you live in, so it’s vital you know where the doors out of your building are and about the fire evacuation plan for your building.

If you are a council tenant or leaseholder, contact your on-site caretaker or housing officer for more information about this. If you are a private tenant in Camden, contact your landlord for this information.

The London Fire Brigade campaign includes a reminder that it’s important to keep communal areas and escape routes clear. If you store personal belongings in shared areas, they could prevent people from getting out safely during a fire.

If you’ve got large items you need to dispose of, find out how to do this here or call 020 7974 4444, selecting option 4 and then option 3.

Read more about the London Fire Brigade's campaign

Make an escape plan

In the event of a fire in your home, an escape plan can mean the difference between life and death:

  • talk through your escape plan with everyone who lives in your home, especially children and teenagers, older people and lodgers
  • choose the best escape route, which is normally your usual way in and out of your home
  • also choose a second escape route in case the first one is blocked. Always aim to keep them both clear
  • tell everyone where the keys to doors and windows are kept
    go through what to do in a fire
  • if there’s a fire it is vital that you act quickly and calmly once you become aware of a fire
  • alert everyone – shout and get everyone together
  • don’t delay – you can’t afford to waste any time
  • get everyone out, using your escape route
    once you’ve escaped, call 999 (999 calls are free)
  • don’t go back in for anything - if there is still someone inside wait for the fire brigade to arrive
  • find somewhere safe to wait. When the fire brigade arrives, give as much information as possible about the fire and the building, and if anyone is still inside.

Reduce your risk of fire at home

You are four times as likely to die in a fire at home if you haven't got a smoke alarm. All Camden residents can have a free home fire safety check visit and get advice.

The fire code

The fire code is easy to remember and can save your life. Follow these simple steps to help prevent fires from happening:

take care when cooking with hot oil and think about using automatic deep fat fryers
never leave lit candles unattended

  • ensure cigarettes are stubbed out and disposed of carefully
  • never smoke in bed
  • keep matches and lighters away from children
  • keep clothing away from heating appliances
  • take care in the kitchen. Accidents whilst cooking account for 59% of fires in the home
  • take special care when you are tired or when you've been drinking
  • half of all deaths in domestic fires happen between 10pm and 8am.

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