Child safety in the home

Safe as Houses

Small children are particularly vulnerable in the home because they are too young to be aware of potential dangers.

Fortunately most accidents are preventable with the right awareness and equipment. Camden’s Safe as Houses can help with information, advice and home visits.


Safety equipment

There are many products on the market so making the right decision about what to buy can be hard. These are the main ones to consider:


  • Movable stair gates which stop toddlers tripping and falling down stairs. They cost between £15 and £30.
  • Window locks stop young children from climbing out of open windows which can lead to falls and injury. They range between £3 and £10.
  • Cupboard catches stop children opening cupboards that hold items like cleaning products which can cause harm if touched or swallowed. Catches cost between £3 and £7.
  • Non-slip bathmats reduce the risk of a child slipping in the bath and cost around £3 to £7.

Smoke alarms

It is also important that all homes are fitted with a working smoke alarm. All Camden residents are entitled to a free home fire safety check and local fire fighters will fit a smoke alarm for free if necessary. Find out more about free smoke alarms.

If you are receiving benefits

Safe as Houses can make a free home visit and advise you on which child safety equipment you need and work out how much it will cost. They can also help with buying equipment and installation for a fee.

At the same time they will also assess your home for fire safety and install a free smoke detector.

To arrange a visit contact the WISH Plus team

Find out more about fire safety in the home at Fire Safety Advice Page

I can’t afford to buy safety equipment

Camden Plus Credit Union is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by their members. They provide Camden residents with low interest loans for items such as child safety equipment. Even if you have been rejected by banks for loans or credit they can usually help. Find out more at or call 020 7482 3505.

Cost-free safety

Keeping children safe does not always mean spending money. There are simple and cost-free ways to be safety-aware from keeping hot drinks out of reach to making sure small toys are not left around that children may swallow.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents (RoSPA) provides helpful information on general and child safety '

Please note we do not receive funding from the National Home Safety Equipment Scheme. This is because we have below the average number of accidents involving children in the home.

Emma’s story


Some ways to improve safety do not cost anything. Emma's story is an example of ways that a parent on a low income might make her home safer.

Emma was concerned that her home wasn’t as safe for her child Charlie as it could be. After reading RoSPA’s child safety guide for advice about how she could make her home safer, Emma felt more confident about things she could do to prevent accidents, such as not carrying Charlie and a hot cup of tea at the same time.


After reading about how correctly installed child safety equipment can further reduce the chance of an accident, Emma decided to contact Safe as Houses to organise a home fire safety and child safety check. The engineer was able to provide Emma with a full evaluation of fire and child safety risks in her home and advice about what safety equipment she could purchase and a quote that included installation. They were even able to provide and install a free smoke detector with a ten year battery.


The engineer advised Emma that to reduce the chance of young Charlie having an accident she should consider purchasing a stair gate' for £20, a window lock for £8 and a non slip bathmat for £6. In order to make sure this equipment worked as well as possible Emma also chose to have the engineer install this equipment for a cost of £50.


Emma thought that £84 was a fair bit of money, but not as much as she had expected, especially as it would help keep Charlie safe. She knew she did not have the money available, so Emma contacted the Camden Plus Credit Union


Safe as Houses was able to arrange to purchase this equipment for Emma and to install it at a time that suited her.

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