Camden controlled drinking zone

The controlled drinking zone (CDZ) covers the whole of the Borough of Camden excluding the parks of Hampstead Heath, the Regent's Park and Primrose Hill.

This means that it’s an offence to drink alcohol in any public place after being asked not to do so by a police officer or police community support officer.

A police officer or police community support officer can:

  • ask a person to stop consuming alcohol
  • confiscate alcohol from people, even if the drinking vessel (such as a can, bottle or a cup) is unopened
  • dispose of any alcohol and containers in a person’s possession

It is an arrestable offence to fail, without reasonable excuse, to meet the Police Officer or Police Community Support Officer’s request. There is a maximum fine of £500.

The CDZ is aimed at those involved in anti-social behaviour, and does not mean that anybody with an alcohol container will have it confiscated.

There will be a continued focus on providing support for long term street drinkers and people with alcohol related problems.


For more information please contact the community safety team

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