How do I renew my library loans?

Information on library renewals

There are four ways that you can renew your loans - you can use the internet, the phone, a library kiosk or ask at the library counter and we will do it for you, and show you how to use self-service.

Renew online 

Renew your library loans online – this is the quickest and easiest way.

You will be asked to key in the barcode number from your library card (ignore any spaces in the middle of the number) and then your library PIN number. Click  Enter and follow the instructions.

On the phone

You can call 020 7974 4001 and follow the recorded instructions to renew your loans. Choose option 5 then either use the automated telephone renewal system or ask to speak to an operator, or say ‘libraries’. This number is available 24/7 for automated renewals but to speak to an operator you need to phone between 8am-6pm.

You can phone 020 7974 4444 and follow the instructions. Libraries are listed as option 8. This service is available 8am-6pm. Out of hours, please use 020 7974 4001 for automated library renewals.

Books and audio items will be renewed for a further 21 days.

In person at a library

There is no need to bring in the items but you will need your library card. 

Go to the kiosk and use the renewals option, or you can present your library card at an enquiry point and ask for the items to be renewed. We can show you how to use self-service.

Please remember:

  • to renew items online, over the phone or at a library catalogue terminal, you need your PIN number. If you don't have a pin number, or if you've forgotten it, please ask at a library enquiry point or you can request a PIN online. If you visit a library to request a new PIN you will need to show some proof of identity in addition to your library card, for security purposes
  • you can renew up to five times. For a sixth renewal, items must be returned to a Camden library for re-issue
  • if you are renewing audiovisual items (videos, DVDs, CDs or audio cassettes) there will be a re-hire fee, which will be recorded on your library account 
  • if an item is overdue, the fine will be recorded on your account 
  • you cannot renew items online if your library card has expired or if you have an item that is more than 10 weeks overdue or if you owe more than £5 in unpaid fines

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