Camden's housing strategy 2011-2016

Download the housing strategy

The housing strategy for Camden sets out our vision for housing in the area from 2011 to 2016 and identifies how we will work with our partners to:

  • assess and plan for the current and future housing needs of the local population,
  • make the best use of existing housing stock,
  • plan and facilitate new supply,
  • plan and commission housing support services which link homes to support and other services that people need to live in them, and 
  • have working partnerships that secure effective housing and neighbourhood management.

A separate housing strategy evidence base is available on Camden Data. This contains key data about housing in Camden, including information on demographics, housing conditions and housing services in the area.

What's in the strategy?

The Council’s housing strategy for 2011-16 sets out the following six objectives and priorities for housing in the borough:

  1. Managing expectations - we can’t house everyone
  2. The right people in the right homes – getting the most out of the homes that already exist  
  3. Securing a supply of new housing that meets a range of needs - a more proactive role for the Council in development
  4. Securing specialist support and accommodation for groups with special needs – everyone on a pathway to suitable housing
  5. Well-managed homes - promoting professional standards and value for money
  6. Well-maintained, greener homes - improving living conditions and energy efficiency

We hope that it provides a clear focus for everyone who is interested and involved in housing matters in Camden.

Developing the strategy

If you would like more information about how we developed this strategy you can read the Director of Housing's report to Cabinet

You can download a report on our consultation for the housing strategy ‘Developing a housing future together’ to find out how we involved more than 4,000 people in developing the strategy:

Equality impact assessment

You can also download the equality impact assessment that evaluates the potential impact of the strategy on different equality groups.

Progress so far

In October 2012 we put together a report on progress made, challenges encountered and next steps required in relation to the strategy's six priorities during the first year of its lifetime.

Previous housing strategy 2005-2010

Camden’s previous housing strategy covered the period 2005-2010. It was reviewed in 2007 following consultation with residents, partners and staff:

How can I find out more?

For more information or to give us feedback, if you would like any of these documents in an alternative format, please contact the housing strategy unit

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