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Self assessment - change of circumstances

You can also view your housing application, including how many points you have and how many bedrooms you are entitled to, online.

Changes you make to your application may change your points or size of property you are entitled to. The system will show you any changes immediately. In some cases we will suspend your application for up to 14 days so that we can verify the information you have provided.

We will remove any points you have awarded yourself if we are not satisfied you should receive them.

Please be aware that while the information you provide will be correctly processed, the points indication you receive at the end of this application may be incorrect. You will receive a letter shortly, and this letter will contain the correct number of points based on the information you have provided at this stage.

I already have my security number

Activate or change your account

You will be asked to enter your Home Connections ID, date of birth, postcode and a memorable word.

You won't need your new security number to bid for properties on Home Connections and should continue bidding using your current ID and PIN numbers only.