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Self assessment how do I apply?

To apply for housing in Camden you will need to complete our online housing registration form called self assessment.

I need help

If you are unable to complete the form by yourself and need some help you can contact our customer service centre

What information do you need?

The form asks for information about you and all the people you want to include on the application. We will need to know full names, dates of birth, your addresses for the last five years and your housing situation. It is a good idea to have all of this information ready when you make your application.

From November 2012, local authorities are required to give extra priority for social housing to the following groups, where they have other grounds for priority – for example, because they are facing homelessness, living in overcrowded accommodation or need to move on medical grounds:

  • current members of the armed forces who have suffered illness, injury or disability as a result of their service,
  • former members of the armed forces,
  • spouses or civil partners of members of the armed forces who are facing homelessness from Ministry of Defence accommodation because their spouse or civil partner died as a result of their service, and
  • members of the reserve forces who have suffered injury, illness or disability as a result of their service.

We are in the course of updating our self-assessment form so that it asks questions that will establish whether applicants fall into one of these groups and are therefore entitled to extra priority. Meanwhile, if you believe that you may be entitled to this extra priority, then please contact the allocations team after you have completed the self-assessment form

It is called a self assessment form because the number of housing points you get are based on what you tell us about your circumstances. However, before we make you an offer of housing we will check all of the information you have given us to make sure it is correct and that you are entitled to the points you have been awarded.

If we cannot confirm what you have told us we will remove the points.

What happens next?

After you have completed your form and confirmed that the information is correct in the system we will tell you immediately how many points you have, what size of property you can bid for and whether you are likely to be able to bid successfully. Based on the information you are given you can then decide whether you want to submit your application or whether you will be better off looking at some of your alternative housing options.

Once you have submitted the form we will place you on our housing register and send you a security number. You can use this at any time to look at your application and update it with any changes which might affect your application for housing.

You will also receive ID and PIN numbers to use to bid for properties.

Start your self assessment

Please be aware that while the information you provide will be correctly processed, the points indication you receive at the end of this application may be incorrect. 

You will receive a letter shortly, and this letter will contain the correct number of points based on the information you have provided at this stage.

To complete a self assessment please use the appropriate link below depending on your circumstances: