Subletting and housing fraud

Report an unlawful occupancy

Did you know

  • Subletting your council home is a criminal offence
  • Subletting costs every Camden household £238 per year
  • Subletting increases homelessness
  • We evict tenants who illegally sublet our council homes
  • So far we have repossessed 736 illegally sublet homes
  • 25,000 people are waiting for a Camden council home
  • We can recover any money tenants make through illegal subletting.

What's all this costing the council tax payer?

Illegal subletting costs every Camden household £238 and prevents families from having a home. The cost to the public purse of putting a single family in temporary accommodation for a year is £18,000.

What happens if I sublet my council home?

You could be prosecuted and face up to two years in prison and/or an unlimited fine for illegally subletting a council or housing association home. We can also recover any profit that you had made through illegally subletting your home. Camden has successfully recovered 736 illegally sublet homes.

How can I hand back keys?

You can do this with your housing officer or at the Contact Camden hub where we will help you to complete a notice of vacation form

You may also bring a completed form with you.

How do I report a council home I think is sublet?

If you know of anyone who may be illegally subletting their home, please let us know through the report an unlawful occupancy online form

Your information could help give someone in need a home.

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