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Regis Road Recycling and Re-use Centre

We take all household rubbish from mattresses to wood and mobile phones, apart from asbestos and other hazardous materials

Regis Road Recycling and Re-use Centre

Opening times and location map

Regis Road Recycling Centre
Kentish Town
London NW5 3EW
Location map: where to find us

Open 8am to 3.45pm Monday to Sunday (closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day).

On-site staff are available to answer questions, or contact Regis Road Recycling Centre

New materials

New materials can now be recycled at the site including:

  • Hardcore/rubble
  • Plastic packaging: waxed food and drinks cartons, plastic bags, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, plastic food trays, plastic drinks bottles and other plastic bottles such as shampoo bottles.
  • Plasterboard/gypsum: gypsum blocks, virgin gypsum board cut-offs, complete boards or broken parts, gypsum ceilings, floors, walls etc. Nails and screws in the plasterboard are allowed and wallpaper, glass tissue and other wall coverings on the boards are allowed.
  • Wood: please see criteria below

Compost for sale

Bags of compost are available from Regis Road Recycling Centre. The cost is £3 for a 30 litre sack:

Frequently asked questions

What general household waste will the centre take?

We take all household waste from mattresses to wood and mobile phones apart from asbestos and other similarly hazardous materials.

The items that we accept for reuse and recycling are listed below. Please ensure that you separate as much of your waste as possible for recycling and re-use before you reach the site.

What materials do you accept for recycling and/or re-use?

  • aerosol cans - steel and aluminium
  • aluminium foil
  • batteries - household and car
  • cardboard
  • cartons - (wax-lined, poly-lined and foil-lined cartons e.g. milk cartons, orange juice cartons, also known sometimes as Tetra Pak)
  • computers - including monitors, base stations, scanner, printers
  • cooking oil (residential only - no trade or commercial oil accepted)
  • electrical goods - all electrical items including toasters, kettles and microwaves
  • green waste
  • glass (all colours)
  • hardcore/rubble
  • light bulbs - fluorescent and energy saving
  • metal
  • mobile phones
  • motor oil
  • paper including yellow pages, envelopes, phone directories
  • paint - please contact the centre first before dropping paint off.
  • plastics - all types of plastic food and drink bottles, plastic containers, plastic carrier bags, bottle caps and hard (rigid) plastic 
  • plasterboard/gypsum
  • printer and toner cartridges
  • spectacles
  • steel, aluminium and aerosol cans
  • televisions
  • textiles (clothes, shoes etc.)
  • white goods (fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machine, dishwashers)
  • wood (please see below for information on wood recycling)

For more information about recycling in Camden please see what can I recycle?

How do I use the centre?

If you can, separate your household rubbish before visiting the recycling centre. Ask any of our friendly staff to show you which containers to use.

Remember, any materials you put into the 'household waste' container will not be recycled and will be land filled or incinerated.

Can I recycle wood at the recycling centre?

Residents can bring wood to the centre for recycling from Monday 14 December 2009. This includes only the following:

  • packaging waste such as scrap pallets and packing cases
  • furniture made from solid wood or 'flat pack' furniture made from board products or DIY materials
  • wood from building and demolition activities
  • chipboard
  • fireboard, including Medium Density Fireboard (MDF)
  • plywood
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • fencing - only if not treated with anything

These wood items are not accepted

  • fencing if treated with creosote or any other chemicals
  • telegraph poles and railway sleepers
  • green waste including logs
  • other building materials such as bricks, concrete,tile etc.

Please ask site staff if you are unsure if the wood material you have can be recycled or are unsure where to put it.

Can I take items from the site?

All items deposited in the containers or recycling bins at the recycling centre are the property of Camden Council and must not be removed.

Van and trade waste queries

What if I am coming by van?

If you intend to use a van* to bring your waste or items for re-use or recycling please call 020 3620 4026 at least 24 hours prior to visiting the site as only pre-booked vans will be allowed to tip.

Residents will be asked for the following information:

  • name 
  • address and postcode 
  • date of proposed visit 
  • vehicle registration (or name of hire company if registration is not known)

You will need to bring one form of identification (ID) with you on the day, as proof that you live in the borough.

Forms of ID that are accepted:

  • council tax bill
  • driving licence
  • utility bill
  • rent agreement
  • bank statement
  • mobile phone bill

* Vans are defined as any vehicle without seats fitted in the back including minibuses with seats removed and crew cab type vehicles.

The number of vans allowed to visit each day will be limited to 20 Monday through to Sunday.
The number of visits residents can make to a site in a van will be limited to five visits a year.

Is trade/business waste accepted?

Under the terms of our Environmental Permit we do not accept any form of trade or business waste. If we suspect that you are bringing trade waste to our site we will investigate you and you may be liable for prosecution.

If I accompany my builder to the site, with my building waste, will you let me in?

No, the waste remains trade waste.

Where can I take my trade/business waste?

Please contact the sites below to check availability and procedures before delivering waste. You will be charged for disposing of your waste at these sites:

Household Reuse and Recycling Centre
40 Hornsey Street
London N7 8HU

London Waste Limited
Advent Way
London N18 3AG
Phone: 020 8803 1322

Please note the following:

  • only clinical waste - 180104 is accepted
  • no hazardous waste is accepted
  • you will need a waste carriers licence or exemption/waste transfer note
  • you must pay by credit/debit card (name on card in attendance), or you can set up an account

I run my business from home, not from a commercial premises, does this mean my waste is trade?

Yes, the waste has been generated as a result of business activities, and not from the activities of the household.

I’m a landlord, can I dispose of waste from my rental properties?

No, waste arising from rental properties is classed as trade waste. Any waste from maintenance of the property including construction and demolition waste, furniture from furnished properties, and bulky items for disposal on change of tenancy, must be disposed of as trade waste.  

I have a trailer, can I use it to take my waste to the site?

Trailers are permitted, but require booking in 24 hours in advance as per the van procedure. This applies for trailers of all sizes.

Does the site accept asbestos?

No. If you have asbestos for removal call our household hazardous waste collection service on 020 7332 3433 to arrange for a collection.

You can also take it to Islington's Household reuse and recycling on Hornsey Street, by appointment only (see above).