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On street recycling facilities

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Mini on street recycling centres 

Where's my nearest recycling point?

What materials can I recycle?

Mini on street recycling centres (bring sites) accept the following:

  • cans (food, drinks and aerosol cans)
  • glass bottles and jars (green, clear, brown)
  • household batteries (button, AAA, AA, C, D & 9V)**
  • juice cartons (tetra pak)
  • paper (newspaper, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories)
  • plastic: bottles; containers; carrier bags; yoghurt pots
  • printer and toner cartridges*
  • textiles*
  • paper-based drinks and liquid food cartons such as those made by Tetra Pak (milk, juice, sauces and other liquid food/drinks)

* Some sites only

** Household batteries are only accepted at some on street sites.  However some shops such as Superdrug, Sainsbury's and Tesco now have household battery recycling points instore.

Recycle on the go video


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