Local Plan Examination

Local Plan Adoption

The Camden Local Plan was adopted by the Council on 3 July 2017.

Planning Inspector Ms Katie Child, BSc (Hons) MA MRTPI was appointed to examine the Local Plan, which took place between June 2016 and May 2017. Details of the examination can be found below:

Inspector’s Report

During May 2017, the Council received the Inspector’s report, who found the Plan ‘sound’, subject to modifications to the Local Plan Submission Draft. Consultation on the modifications took place between January and March 2017 – see below.

Proposed Main Modifications

Between 30 January and 13th March 2017, the Council consulted on Main Modifications to the Local Plan. This provided an opportunity to comment on the changes the Council is proposing to the Submission Draft Local Plan (published in February 2016). These are being proposed in light of the inspector’s comments during the examination, public representations made about the Plan, and discussions at the public hearings.

The Council also published Minor Modifications to the Plan, a Sustainability Appraisal of the Main Modifications and a schedule of proposed changes to the Local Plan Policies Map.  The Minor Modifications consist of factual updates, points of clarification and other minor changes which do not, when taken together, materially affect the policies set out in the Plan.

The representations received in response to the consultation can be found below:

Public Hearings

Public hearings took place at Camden Town Hall on Tuesday 18 October, Wednesday 19 October, Thursday 20 October and Tuesday 25 October 2016. A full timetable can be viewed here (PDF).

Hearing agendas:

Day 1: Tuesday 18 October 2016 (PDF)
Day 2: Wednesday 19 October 2016 (PDF)
Day 3: Thursday 20 October 2016 (PDF)
Day 4: Tuesday 25 October 2016 (PDF)

Proposed Modifications (October 2016)

During the course of the examination, the Council identified and proposed a number of modifications to the Inspector:

Please note that these proposed modifications have now been superseded by ED36 (see above). 

Examination Documents

 Additional post hearing evidence 

Responses to Inspectors Main Issues and Questions

Set out below are Statements submitted in response to the Inspector’s Main Issues and Questions. These are organised by the Issue number they refer to.

Main Issue  1

Main issue 2

Main issue 3

Main issue 4

Main issue 5

 Main issue 6

Main issue 7

Main issue 8

Main issue 9

Main issue 10

Main issue 11

Main issue 12

Local Plan Submission Documents

The following documents have been submitted to the Secretary of State along with further evidence below.

Local Plan Evidence Documents

The Local Plan evidence base can be viewed on this webpage.

Notice of submission

On 24 June 2016 the Council submitted the Camden Local Plan and supporting documents to the Secretary of State.

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