What you can do to improve air quality

Clean air for my street

Here are actions you can take to improve air quality in your area:

  • Make sustainable and active travel choicesWalk or cycle where you can to reduce air pollution. You can take clean air walking routes across London, use one of Camden’s new cycle lanes and store a bike securely in a bike hangar near you.

  • Don’t engine idle – it increases the amount of toxic air we breathe.

  • Volunteer to tackle idling in your area to help change drivers’ behaviour. 
  • Improve energy efficiency in your home, for example through upgrading your boiler or improving insulation. Find out about how to get advice and apply for grants

  • Set up a Play Street on your road. A Play Street closes off a road to traffic for a few hours on a regular basis in order to provide children with a safe space to play freely. 

  • If you have to make a car journey, join a car club or use an electric vehicleCamden has the largest network of car clubs, with a car within walking distance of all residents 24/7. Electric vehicles produce no air pollution emissions.

  • Get free pollution warnings and health advice from airTEXT, a pollution forecasting service set up by Camden and a number of other London boroughs.

Watch this video to find out how exposure to air pollution differs depending on whether you walk, cycle, drive or take the bus:

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