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Topic loan service

The topic loan service provides teachers with specially selected resources for all subjects and key stages of the National Curriculum.

You are welcome to come to the schools library service to select and exchange topic loan material.

Staff are happy to help you. If you are unable to visit, please complete the following topic loan request form

For urgent requests, please contact the schools library service

Your topic loan will be delivered to your school during the first three weeks of term and collected during the last week.

There are other type of loans which may be borrowed by schools rather than individuals.

Headteacher's whole school loans

Whole school loans of up to 120 items may be borrowed by the headteacher for a term. A whole school loan may be exchanged at half-term if required. It may also be renewed for one further term if not required by another school.

Please fill out our Headteacher's whole school loan form

Display/Ofsted loan

Collection of 100 items including books and artefacts to enhance the appearance of the school library, particularly useful around an Ofsted visit, or during a book week. These can be requested by the headteacher or literacy co-ordinator and will be on loan to the school for four weeks. One collection a term is allowed.

Please complete our display/Ofsted loan form

Long term loans

Schools may borrow, on extended loan, a collection of fiction or non-fiction books equivalent to four books per pupil or 800 books, whichever is the greater.

The collection may be built up gradually and, when a collection is complete, a school may continue to borrow new books each term, while returning an equivalent number in exchange.

These may be requested by the literacy co-ordinator or the member of staff responsible for the school library.

Please complete our long term loan form

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