2 : Camden’s digital challenge

2: Camden’s digital challenge

This Digital Strategy sets out how technology will support and enable the Borough to grow and develop in the years ahead and be a better Borough for it.

Summary: The priorities to address the digital challenges of the Camden Plan are:-

  • Developing new solutions with partners to reduce inequality, using technology to integrate services across functional and geographical boundaries so they are more efficient through sharing of resources and potentially able to act sooner to help families with complex needs as a result of better information sharing between agencies;
  • Creating the conditions for and harnessing the benefits of economic growth we will foster digital skills through coding and other learning initiatives in schools, stimulate an expansion of high speed internet access across the Borough and develop the online Business Account to provide a single and efficient point of access to council services to help local businesses;
  • Investing in our communities to ensure sustainable neighbourhoods by improving access to digital technology in areas where it is most needed and freeing our volunteers, businesses and community facilities such as libraries to nurture digital skills in the community so our most vulnerable residents are not left behind;
  • Providing democratic and strategic leadership through greater transparency enabled by making the Council’s information available online, using business intelligence tools to put resources where they are most needed and maximising digital channels, including social media, to revitalise democracy and engage hard to reach groups;
  • Enabling the delivery of value for money services by ‘getting it right first time’ through efficient online services delivered through our Camden Account, transforming the Council’s workforce so it is digital and mobile by default and taking advantage of the emerging “internet of things” to redesign smarter public services around citizens and businesses.

By focussing on these priorities the Council’s approach to digitization will help to make Camden a better borough by 2017.

Our Digital Strategy relies on the following foundations:-

  • Ensuring our key policies and strategies are integrated with our digital ambition particularly in the areas of planning, procurement, economic growth and commissioning;
  • Developing the digital skills and confidence of our workforce so they are equipped to productively and proactively apply technology to drive better ways of delivering public services;
  • Growing digital centres of excellence to provide innovation, leadership and support to the Council in digital developments including channel shift, business intelligence and integrated service delivery;
  • Changing the way we design and build IT systems putting the customer’s needs and experience at the heart of how new systems will operate and work;
  • Protecting privacy through effective information management as well as ensuring appropriate data sharing arrangements are in place both internally and with partners;
  • Delivering robust information security to protect our citizen and business data from misuse and cyber threats;
  • Ensuring that online services are safe and digital identities protected;
  • Implementing a radical open systems technology platform for government that is flexible and adaptable so our IT systems can better respond to the needs of resident, businesses and Council services;
  • Promoting an Open Systems Alliance for public bodies and partners to enable IT standardisation, code sharing and service integration across the public sector;
  • Collaborating regionally and nationally to disrupt the local government software and services market so there is more choice, better value for money and greater use of open systems in government;
  • Exploiting the potential of emerging public cloud services to support the delivery of shared services and partnership working at the lowest possible cost;
  • Investing in IT resilience to ensure that our citizens, businesses and Council staff have access to reliable IT systems.
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