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Smarter Travel (Camden Council)

London Borough of Camden 5th Floor, 5 Pancras Square c/o Judd Street London WC1H 9JE
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020 7974 2520 (+workplace travel plans), 020 7974 5537 (school travel plans)
020 7974 2706

Smarter travel is about making smart sustainable choices in how we choose to get around, such as cycling and walking, helping to protect our environment and improve air quality, reduce congestion, improve health and save money. The smarter travel team primarily coordinate education and engagement programmes and projects aimed at all road users to improve road safety and increase smarter travel, for example, training cyclists, drivers and school pupils, whilst providing advice and support to encourage more people to cycle and walk. The team also supports schools and businesses with their travel plans and fleet operators to reduce their work related road risk.

Original source
Information taken from Cindex local information database
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