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Marriages and civil partnerships in Camden

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Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership 

Anyone that wants to get married or form a civil partnership in any venue in England and Wales other than an Anglican church has to give legal notice. This is a formal declaration of your intention and requires an appointment at a registration office.

Allow enough time to give notice - changes in 2015

  • Please note that from 2nd March 2015 the notice period changes

  • Now you can marry or contract a civil partnership after a 15 day waiting period from your notice appointment, but this will change to a 28 day waiting period 

  • A Home Office referral scheme for non-UK, EEA or Swiss nationals will also be in place. Those within scope may have their waiting period extended from 28 days to 70 days to allow Home Office investigation of the case.

  • Changes may cause delays so it is important to think ahead and we suggest booking your notice appointment as soon as you have booked the ceremony as long as it is within one year

Where should I give notice?

United Kingdom (UK), European (EEA) and Swiss nationals

You must both attend the respective register office for the district where you live. If you live in different districts, you will have to go to separate register offices.

If you live in the London Borough of Camden you should give notice with us.

Please check below for guidance on when to give notice and what to bring before booking an appointment.

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Foreign nationals

If one or both of you are non-UK, EEA or Swiss nationals, you must both attend any designated register office (DRO) together. Camden is a DRO and we will be happy to take your notice for you. Please check below for guidance on when to give notice and what to bring before booking an appointment.

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When do I give notice?

  • a notice licence is valid for one year, so can be given up to 12 months in advance of your ceremony date
  • after your notice, you must wait at least 15 clear days before you can have your ceremony. For example, if you give notice on 5th January, the earliest you can get married or have your civil partnership is on 21st January
  • you must have decided which venue the ceremony will be in before you make your appointment.

What do I need for the appointment?

When giving notice you need to provide documents to prove your nationality, name, date of birth and address. You then make signed declarations to confirm the personal details and that you are free to enter the proposed marriage or civil partnership. You must each bring:

Proof of identification and nationality

  • a valid passport; or 
  • a valid national ID document which includes a photograph, and displays your name, date of birth and nationality; or
  • a valid British driving licence (both parts) plus a full British birth certificate if you were born in the UK before 01/01/1983

Proof of address

  • a gas, water or electricity bill; or
  • a bank statement; or
  • a council tax bill; or
  • a British driving licence (both parts)
  • letter on headed paper from any hotel in the UK detailing your period of residence there
  • letter from any UK resident (other than your partner) attesting to your period of residence. They must state their full name, address and passport number on the letter as well as detailing your name, date of birth, the address where you have been staying at, and how long you have been residing there

Please note:

  • your proof of address must be issued within the last three months
  • your proof of address should be an original letter (downloaded documents are not acceptable unless stamped at a high-street branch afterwards)
  • each person giving notice will require a separate proof of address
  •  you must have resided at your present address for at least seven clear days immediately before giving notice. Non-permanent residents, setting up residency for giving notice should note that the day of arrival is not included. For example, if you arrive 1st July the first day you can give notice is the 9th July.

Proof that any former marriage or civil partnership has ended

  • a court-stamped copy of the decree absolute or final order of divorce or dissolution.  If your divorce document records your previous married surname but you wish to re-marry using your maiden or other surname, please also bring a linking document such as the previous marriage certificate
  • a death certificate of your former partner. Any widows, widowers or surviving civil partners that are not mentioned on the death certificate as the partner of their previous spouse must also bring their former marriage or civil partnership certificate

Please note:

  • if you were divorced in another country we may have to check the validity of the divorce with the General Register Office which can take time
  • If any document was issued in a foreign language we will need a translated document as well as the original.

Consent if under 18 years of age

  • If either of you are under 18 years of age, you will need to provide a full birth certificate and obtain consent from parents or a guardian. A registrar will issue a form for this purpose.

If you have a problem providing any of the documents above, then please contact Camden registraton services for further advice.

Book an appointment?

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Please note: there is a fee for giving notice that is set by the General Register Office.

Collection of authorities following the appointment

  • certificates for marriage are generated and available for collection on or after the 16th day from your appointment
  • the registrar or religious leader conducting your ceremony will require the two certificates for marriage (referred to as the 'Blues' or 'Forms 262') before your ceremony
  • if you are having a civil ceremony in Camden, no need to worry further as we will generate and use the certificates ourselves
  • for any other ceremonies, please collect the authorities from us after at least 16 days before transferring them to the relevant office
  • if you are having a civil partnership rather than a marriage you don't have to worry about collecting any authorities following your notice appointment

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