Corporate social responsibility

Diversifying the local marketplace

Why does this matter in Camden?

  • 60% of people employed in Camden, are employed in micro, small or medium businesses 
  • Camden has the second highest numbers of business start-ups in London 
  • In 2011 3,200 businesses started in Camden and will need varying levels of support to continue and be successful
  • It is estimated that 70% of income generated by local businesses is ploughed back into the local community creating a virtuous circle of investment 

What could we do?

Use your business skills to help another business

Use your business skills to mentor a local start-up or small business through Mentor SME

Access free mentoring training at Get Mentoring

Give micro loans

To support local entrepreneurs who can’t get finance from mainstream banks, The London Community Foundation is bringing microfinance to Camden in partnership with the Fredericks Foundation

Your company can help local Camden people with good business ideas to achieve financial independence while rebuilding their confidence and self-esteem:

  • Give to loan – donate anything from £500 to £50,000 into our pooled Micro Loans Fund and see your gift recycled again and again
  • Experienced in banking or accounting? Join the volunteer panel to approve loan applications, or mentor one of the loan recipients
  • For more information contact Sonal Shah at the LCF on 020 7582 5117

Give access – or anything else

If you have spare meeting rooms, space on training courses, an unused minibus, or anything else that might be of use to Camden’s community and voluntary sector, you can give it through the Camden Shares timebank network.

  • Camden Shares uses the principles of timebanking (an hour for an hour exchange where every hour is equal) to share resource – from people's time, skills and contacts to meeting space, training, activity and minibuses!
  • Members range from individuals to community groups, local voluntary organisations and businesses
  • For more information contact James Mackie at Camden Shares on 020 7278 4437

Diverse supply chains and prompt payment

Good businesses don't just focus on customers. They also understand the importance of their conduct and activity within the wider supply chain. Everyone needs to strike a good deal from a supplier in order to remain competitive, but the balance shouldn't tip so far in your favour that it damages the health of your overall supply chain.

Diversifying your supply chain and ensuring you pay small providers promptly (such as within 10 days) can go a long way to supporting your local business community.

So, what does good Marketplace CSR look like?

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