Corporate social responsibility

Protecting the Camden environment

Why does this matter in Camden?

  • Over 65% of Camden’s carbon emissions come from the commercial and industrial sector’s buildings and operations. Tackling these is crucial to meeting the borough-wide carbon reduction target of 40% by 2020.
  • Energy prices continue to rise, energy related taxation is increasing, legislation increasingly demands energy consumption data and environmental CSR information to be made public, businesses are coming under pressure to manage their energy and carbon footprint in order to secure clients and further business.
  • We need to protect and improve green spaces and biological diversity to keep the borough healthy. A biologically diverse natural environment plays a crucial role in our economic prosperity, health and wellbeing. Green spaces also contribute to the quality of life for people and play an important role in helping to address air quality and climate change adaptation.
  • There is growing scientific consensus that the climate is changing as a result of human activity, principally due to the burning of fossil fuels and resultant greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2). The Stern Review on the ‘Economics of Climate Change’ concluded that the future costs of tackling the consequences of climate change would be far higher than the costs of tackling the causes now. There is an economic, social and environmental imperative for everyone to act now.
  • Involvement with local environmental CSR projects, environmental improvements and accreditation are helping Alliance members secure more business and external funding.

What could we do?

Green your business

Join the Camden Climate Change Alliance and take advantage of a range of free consultancy services including carbon footprinting, office environmental audits, environmental accreditation, training workshops and make links with other local organisations.

The Camden Climate Change Alliance is a network of 210 (as of August 2012) local businesses committed to improving the local environment and reducing carbon emissions (by 10% by the end of 2012 and 27% by 2017). By measuring and reducing their energy and carbon footprint, individual members of the Alliance have reported savings upwards of £9,000 per annum. As a collective, Alliance members have saved over £3 million in energy and fuel bills.

Love Camden and Love Being Green

Promote your business on the Green Camden Directory which showcases environmentally friendly services, products, events and advice on how to get involved with local green community groups.

If you want to show your love for Camden even more, you could support your local area in being more environmentally friendly and work with them to set up a Camden Green Zone. Green Zones are areas where residents are coming together to fix the environmental issues in their neighbourhood. Contact the sustainability team if you’d like to adopt this practical and direct way of supporting your environment and community.

Get your hands dirty

London Wildlife Trust provide corporate team days such as canal management at their flagship reserve, Camley Street Natural Park or volunteering as part of their Natural Estates project on local social housing estates. 

Global Generation is an organisation that brings young people together to learn about urban agriculture. They can organise business days at their King’s Cross food growing sites.

The Conservation Volunteers run practical conservation opportunities for team-building in Camden’s parks and green spaces. They are called Employee Action Days and range from planting trees and seeding meadows to hedge-laying and building steps and paths.

The Pirate Castle is a community centre that deals with water activities along Regent’s Canal and runs successful hands on team building days. Contact Gus at The Pirate Castle to discuss.

Harness the business benefits of going green

Camden Climate Change Alliance offer free advice on greening your business, reducing your energy use and costs and supporting your local environment.

So what does good Environmental CSR look like?

Where to start? Can I speak to someone about all this?

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